Highlights & Key Strength


1) Year of Establishment 1983
2) Post SSC Diploma Course in all branches
3) Approved by

  • All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi.
  • Directorate Of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra.
    • Department has received MODROB grant for Language and communication skills lab.
    • Well equipped lab with all modern technical facilities with the unique glass viewed computer tables suitable for on-line teaching.
    • Hard working, dynamic and motivated faculty to take utmost care to clinch stress free learning atmosphere.
    • Outstanding and continually improving results.
    • Regular guidance, counseling and personal attention is provided to groom students’ to face new challenges.

Key Strength

1.  Fundamental and Integral part of curriculum to gain subject knowledge efficiently in any course.
2. Highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty for all round development of students’.
3. Language plays pivotal role in imparting knowledge in this technical education; by strengthening all           four skills.
4. Skill based and value based education through, guest lectures, group discussions and seminars helps
to develop and facilitate structured expression skills among engineering students’.
5. Rigorous efforts for weak students’ through best practices to ensure better understanding and result.